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Infuse your entire being with prana, our life-force energy, allow yourself to become free from illusion and see truth, beauty and peace in all things. Strengthen the body, the temple of the soul. Focus the mind. Peel away veils of maya, illusory layers, to find the jewel within, the eternal wisdom that resides within all of us, our true essence, all as one. Find yourself stronger and more free than ever.

I am passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of the practice of yoga with an open heart, floating through time and space seeking unity amongst all. I teach alignment based Vinyasa flow, easily adapted to all levels. Focusing on the breath and integrating dynamic movement for a strengthening and meditative experience, each class will leave you feeling energized, awake and more connected to your true Self.

I have been practicing yoga since my early teen years, and the fire to learn and grow from this practice has only gotten stronger, urging me to dive into the teaching world. I am a 200 hr. certified yoga teacher, and look forward to sharing with my future students the blessing that is yoga, continuing to learn and grow. Contact me via email or through my contact form for any questions or to inquire about private classes, or where I am currently holding classes!

Peace and love, Namaste!

Jessie Le Couteur

RYT 200

Find me on Facebook at



10 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. Nice blog on YogaTrade about travelling and teaching. I’m in Nicaragua now, but on my way to Costa Rica. May be I’m going to check the hostel out to teach there.
    If your coming back this way: it’s always nice to do yoga with other devoted yogi’s: so maybe see you on the road!


    • Thank you very much John! Awesome hope you’re having a great time!! Definitely a place worth checking out:) I actually happen to be heading down that way soon! I’ll keep you posted!
      Peace! 🙂

  2. Cool! I keep an eye out for you!
    I’ll be in Nicaragua for a few months. Plans changed a bit. I’ll be teaching here for a couple of months, helping out with the farm, creating a post card line (photography) and help a little out with social media. You’re welcome to stop over.

  3. Oh great! Sounds like fun! Where in Nicaragua are you?

  4. I’m in San Juan de la Conception: just south of Masaya. Next week heading up to Leon, the coast, Esteli, Matagalpa and over to the Caribbean Coast.

  5. Awesome! I never made it to the Caribbean side of Nica but the Corn Islands are meant to be amazing! have a great time! 🙂

  6. If you still want to come this way: we have three amazing yoga retreats coming up: for a backpackers price: 475 US Dollars for a full week of yoga; including everything (except your plane ticket).

  7. You can find the retreats on:
    Would be great meeting you there. We can play around a bit with AcroYoga if you like.

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