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So lovely that it’s mad

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0090.Feel the energy refreshed


a new day

a new pattern

watch the particles collide

so close yet so far

do not resist the sun on your face

it is there for a reason

a changing of a season

doesn’t mean the same for everyone

as all our paths are unique

dancing and interweaving together

so much method in the madness

so lovely that it’s mad

many lifetimes to be had

let it all happen

let yourself be free

there is always more to see…




Running through grocery store isles and jungle trails

rushing down long highways

at the end I see the sun

between mountains

Above stars flicker like embers in the coal

Laughter blows as wind

and tears are welcome rivers

glistening as they descend down wind touched cheeks

hints of magic on a frame

Banging drums and kicking until the fire burns away

from the grips of the night

reluctantly shying from sleep and then softly


accepting and rejoicing in it’s gift

anticipating secretly when the sun rises again,

burning with life

each ray a firework

celebrating creation

and each moment it’s own big bang

the celebration roars on.


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Racing the Wind

Step by step, tree by tree, I continued down the path. Footsteps melted into the rock and left only slight prints, mild traces of something that was now gone, further along the trail.  The smell in the air that of fall and leaves and twigs. The scent of innocent green that comes from within tiny branches, and of the sturdiness of the trees in the wind. Reaching out I brushed the trees rough skin. The leaves all danced overhead and I could feel tiny rays of sun poking through the thick, and in the shadows, see the night already, where the glowing moon would shine like a beacon of love over it all. In an instant I felt the ground move quicker beneath me as my legs carried my beating heart along, or the other way around, racing with the wind, escaping from delusion.IMG_9204IMG_9190IMG_9182



Sunrise Mindstuff

We are all children of the universe. Students of life, we are all children together. Be humbled in this. Feel it in the yellow flowers and in the purple. In each green leaf, each our brothers and sisters as the people we hold so dearly. We can see the cycle. The once green leaf now brown and laying with the others, having been through it’s natural cycle and still moving, changing. We are like the coconut and the coconut husk laying with the leaves. The husk is a body, the life energy is all around. It is everywhere, in everything. It has just transformed. This, like the sunset, reminds us of our impermanence. As we continue walking toward the sun we never actually reach it, the world and everything within and without it keeps spinning. When you, as a star, as a part of a whole and a whole in yourself, find yourself in aligment in the universe you will feel it. You will know. Do not resist it. There is only one force we can really control, from our hearts and souls and this is love. This is how the soul can transform the life-force. Do not let your light be ‘overtaken’, remembering that darkness cannot overcome light. In this realization, we are free. We are given the chance as conscious beings to live as we please, to be here for a blink of an eye, an explosion of stars, with the purpose to love and grow and share and eventually return home. We are a beautiful blip in the realm of ‘time’ and space, and love is our purpose, life is our purpose.IMG_6801



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The Dance

Running through the grass and the occasional mud patch, I felt it in my chest. A feeling rising from somewhere deep, somewhere beyond. A warming not caused by the sun beaming down, but somewhere within. A pulse invoked from the source, a pulse all mine yet not mine at all. I feel my feet press into the earth and spring off almost effortlessly, a power creating their movement as they take turn in patterned movement. A pattern you cannot write down, it’s tendencies extend to my arms, hands, hips, soon taking over, leaving only subtle memories of myself. Perhaps it was all a beautiful dream, as right here and now, there exists only the dance.DSCN2227

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!


Tending the Inner Fire

Some thoughts I spewed out onto paper whilst taking some time to myself, about taking that all important time to keep yourself grounded, uplifted and your mind clear. I hope you enjoy!

Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time and nurturing care. Too often we allow a part of us to be neglected or abused, leading us down a clouded path. We can still see the trail but something has changed. The light no longer shines as brightly on the pathway. We must clear the fog. Centre yourself, keep the cloud away so that all remains illuminated, clear, able to reflect. We must also remember that in order to give we must also learn to receive. Energies don’t just start and stop abruptly, they flow, they travel the path of least resistance. Do not resist. Let yourself be open to the influx of energy we are surrounded by and infused with. Allow it to move through you like a current creating sparks, propelling you upward and forward, an explosion of creativity and light overflowing with potential. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself the chance to rejuvenate, replenish, restore. Keep the wheels spinning. Go for a walk. Breathe in. Breathe out. Read a book. Make a drink. Stretch. Run. Whatever you need at this moment in time, do it. For yourself and everyone else who will benefit. See the sun and hear the birds, the bustle of cars and people. Breathe it all in, slowly, consciously, acknowledge every sacred second.DSCN1835

I hope you find what you need today to be in the nourishing space within that keeps us revitalized and our fire fueled.


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