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Gold Pavement

I awoke with a blue sky in my face. Sun felt like sun again and the heat filled every single part of me, the light was every part of me. What a world of strange shapes and colours and sounds, a painting in motion, an ever changing piece of art in every sense, sometimes tragic yet shapeable. Pavement covered in dirt seems like gold, why? The bitterest of tastes are welcome and the sweetest are cherished. Nothing goes overlooked, nothing goes unappreciated. Every inanimate part suddenly seems to breath and pulse with life although it may not have seemed to before. It came alive because you chose to see it is living, ridding of illusions and letting a clear image be shown. There is so much space, there is so much energy, embrace it, it can be easy to forget.DSCN3079

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Forest dreams

Laying in a forest haven

but in my mind I see

images of grocery stores and


wood bridges over water

and coffee shops

on unknown streets

tiny restaurants

and hotel linens

How do you feel about these?

That they are no more or less real than the moss mattress I now lay on

or the willow branches over my head

Like ghosts of times past

realities unknown

the smells of coffee

ocean winds say

“some day you will miss it all, please enjoy and thank you for coming.”


Have a beautiful day!

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Happiness in mountains

While standing on my deck overlooking the morning mountains, I am hit with a crashing wave of nostalgia. My lungs can barely take in enough of the vibrant air. I can smell the warm seasons on the breeze, invoking dreams of playing in the sun, swimming in the ocean, ripping down highways and dancing under the stars. Of floating on rivers and plucking the sweetest blackberries from their guarded castles. Of exploring new places and long bike rides in the sun. Of adventures by moonlight and stunning walks in the forest, of lying in the sand hiding in a warm blanket from cool salty winds. Of campfire smoke and chilly nights under a blackened sky, to light filled mornings and special birdsong through the trees. While standing on my deck overlooking the morning mountains, I feel alive. photo (40)