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Gold Pavement

I awoke with a blue sky in my face. Sun felt like sun again and the heat filled every single part of me, the light was every part of me. What a world of strange shapes and colours and sounds, a painting in motion, an ever changing piece of art in every sense, sometimes tragic yet shapeable. Pavement covered in dirt seems like gold, why? The bitterest of tastes are welcome and the sweetest are cherished. Nothing goes overlooked, nothing goes unappreciated. Every inanimate part suddenly seems to breath and pulse with life although it may not have seemed to before. It came alive because you chose to see it is living, ridding of illusions and letting a clear image be shown. There is so much space, there is so much energy, embrace it, it can be easy to forget.DSCN3079



Just some liberating thoughts I thought I would share on this lovely winter’s day on the topic of ‘surrender’.  Not to be seen in a negative light, as it commonly is, associated with giving up and negatively seen failures, but a liberating act of selfless service to a greater cause. In dance, we surrender to music, to each beat, letting it flow through us to create beautiful and ever changing results, no movement better than the other, only different, harmoniously creating a piece of art.

By surrendering we are not giving up, we are allowing ourselves to be open to the great powers of the universe and divine light within us all, not swimming into a rough current but flowing with it, having faith in where we will go with it and letting it guide us, Free from judgement, we are open to portals of energy transfer, ready to give and receive freely.

In yoga, we surrender to the asanas and learn from them. As we put fire into the physical execution of the poses, we may feel one area is tighter than another. We acknowledge, and then must let it go. Eventually, this spot frees up and allows us to move onto an even deeper posture, a new level of understanding, where we fit perfectly into the present.

Freedom to flow like a river over rocks and sticks, through valleys and forests and to be finally magnificently plunged out into the open ocean, this is surrender.

Sand crab


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A Philosophy on Writing and Blogs: The Universal Journal

Like many writers and bloggers in the world, I have pretty much always kept a journal.  Also a self professed stationery and paper lover, overly drawn to notepads, books, writing utensils, sketch books, scrap pieces of cardboard or any acceptably blank surface just begging to be written or drawn on. Why? Whether with stories, poems, drawings or random lists, I have always found a reason to put pen to paper (or whatever). So, in the technological age we exist in currently, and with myself trying not to rebel against it and instead take advantage of it, it only makes sense that I try my hand at a more high-tech and public version of something I love.

The space (blog) provides for me an opportunity to express what I normally wouldn’t on paper. At least not as much, which is to try and describe the experiences and happenings I find overwhelming joy in in a way that others might appreciate as well. It’s like taking the semi-organized tea party of my journal, that of raw feelings, manifestations of thought or otherwise incomprehendable things that I try to grasp; a colorful catalog of images and sounds, and creating a work that will allow me to pass on the sensation. Fitting, due to the fact that humans are undeniably social creatures, making sense of our urges to create and share with others.

The page is an offering to the creative conscious, the journal has always allowed me to transfer these results of electrical firings into the void, and the blog allows me to go one step further and share them with the world.



“We are all suspended in space.”