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Holding faith, no matter what you practice.

This morning I woke up feeling odd. My hip felt stiff, my chest a little congested, and my right eye randomly hurting. Chalked up to allergies and excess sleepiness I diagnosed, but nothing huge. My tired and waking mind told me to inspect my eye and not disturb my hip, bothered by these physical nuances, but my faith told me to go to my mat like countless mornings before. After a meditation and blissful yoga practice in the early air, these worldy things, as usual, became less and less. Whatever it is for you, whether that is music, art, martial arts, running, singing, dancing, whatever gets you to that place where your mind is still and heart at peace, that is your practice.  As we practice over time, these types of things, unnecessary attachments, hold a weaker and weaker grasp on us, fuelled by a steady mind’s ability to differentiate subconsciously what is ‘real’ from what is less pressing. Of course our basic human instincts are still intact, but now, with a clear mind, our intuition shines. Our ability to not just see and try to control but to feel our journey and how the universe provides for us what we need, as long as we are listening, that the wisdom is within, not without, though the external physical world is an amazing aid to get us to realize this. Upon leaving my mat smiling and with a renewed vision I also realized my eye was bothering me because I’m allergic to cats. Even the seemingly most obvious details can go unnoticed if there is a lack of clarity. Though the effects of the practice, meditation and mindfulness, all of it, are imprinted into your very being as you remove layer upon layer of fog until the space of light that we are is more constant, practice is necessary to remain in the aura of clarity. We are not immune to the fluctuations of human emotion, the world as we know it, ups and downs, the good and the ‘bad’, but as long as we maintain clarity and the faith to practice and know that it is always there, our true essence of light, we can manoeuvre through the universe beautifully, triumphantly, and with love.20140801_155004

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Sunrise Mindstuff

We are all children of the universe. Students of life, we are all children together. Be humbled in this. Feel it in the yellow flowers and in the purple. In each green leaf, each our brothers and sisters as the people we hold so dearly. We can see the cycle. The once green leaf now brown and laying with the others, having been through it’s natural cycle and still moving, changing. We are like the coconut and the coconut husk laying with the leaves. The husk is a body, the life energy is all around. It is everywhere, in everything. It has just transformed. This, like the sunset, reminds us of our impermanence. As we continue walking toward the sun we never actually reach it, the world and everything within and without it keeps spinning. When you, as a star, as a part of a whole and a whole in yourself, find yourself in aligment in the universe you will feel it. You will know. Do not resist it. There is only one force we can really control, from our hearts and souls and this is love. This is how the soul can transform the life-force. Do not let your light be ‘overtaken’, remembering that darkness cannot overcome light. In this realization, we are free. We are given the chance as conscious beings to live as we please, to be here for a blink of an eye, an explosion of stars, with the purpose to love and grow and share and eventually return home. We are a beautiful blip in the realm of ‘time’ and space, and love is our purpose, life is our purpose.IMG_6801




Costa Rica Loving and Why You Should go Whitewater Rafting

Sorry for the mini-photo

As you can probably tell by the title, I went whitewater rafting for the first time the other day and FELL IN LOVE. More on that in a moment, but first a little update on the current adventures that have been unfolding in this beautiful country. Living and working in a hostel, The Flutterby House, has been amazing and such a crazy different experience from being a guest. Being part of the travelling community and meeting so many new and unique people every day but always being the one to stay, watching the influx of people and energies on busier days and feeling the sleepy calmness of the atmosphere when occupancy is lower. It’s also so special to become part of the community of the area and see much more than one normally would if only passing through. Contributing to the community itself and feeling yourself as a piece of the whole, as we all are, is what makes it all special. The uniqueness that people from all different places can come together here and feel at home, all in the beautiful surroundings of the dense tropical vegetation and breathtaking coastline of Uvita, Dominical and the surrounding area. The vibration of the Pacific comes in on the warm breeze, I can hear it calling as I write this. As rainy season begins, the energy and power of the lightning and thunder, huge raindrops smacking the roof above my head all add to the magic that make this wonderful reality.IMG_7529 IMG_7380IMG_7335IMG_7429IMG_7499IMG_7573IMG_7645Teaching yoga in the open air of the yoga deck is such a blessing. So grateful to have students from all over, learning something new from each soul who comes to class and grow with them, the experience is priceless. If you’re in the area come around and get in on some invigorating Vinyasa Flow!IMG_7633IMG_7396 Some days are spent blissfully walking Playa Uvita down to the awesome swimming spot near the whales tail (a reef that juts out and looks like a whales tail from above!), taking leisurely bike rides into town and cooking late lunches with ingredients that you can taste the life in, while some I find myself ripping out somewhere and feeling like a true traveller again, marvelling in the newness of powerful waterfalls, cool rivers and fun markets. Getting to know locals in the area means being able to see things you wouldn’t normally from a backpackers path, like the crazy Cinqo de Mayo party we attended the other day at a lovely local couple’s home high in the mountains, or exploring a beautiful retreat centre where a friend works and seeing the behind the scenes of what goes into putting on amazing events and gatherings.  One of my favorite parts of being here and staying for a while is the chance to really soak it all in, savoring each moment and learning about the area, indulging in the time spent simply realizing the greenness of the trees and the warmth of the air, seeing every day’s events and appreciating what a cool and surreal life we live. Also, the abundance of fresh fruit is just fricken awesome; mangoes are never better than when you find them from the giant shade-providing trees all around. IMG_7662IMG_7694On that note of extreme enthusiasm, onto rafting!!!!! As part of our ‘crew day’ we went rafting down the Rio Savegre with Dominical Surf Adventures, class 2-3 rapids, perfect for most of our skill levels and one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Looking around at the mountains on the calm spots and then paddling hard, feeling the strength of your body and working as a team to power down the river, falling through big holes and loving the rush as water splashes into the boat and over your face, the perfect temperature in the warm air. Our guides were both super skilled and knowledgable and actually have a rafting team competing in some sort of championships. I felt empowered to be in good hands and still part of the force directing us through the rapids. The feeling rafting gave me was similar to when I first went diving, so new and exciting, a multifaceted activity that plasters a smile on your face and in your heart. The guides were just as pumped. Even though it’s a little bit expensive, I can’t wait to go again. So all in all, although I have only been here in Uvita for a month, it’s been a roller coaster of fun and exiting new adventures and a big ball of beauty that seems to have exploded and spewed magic everywhere. Intense, I know. Thank you to everyone who makes this place so special, you’re all so awesome! Come visit!

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With a jolt like a crashing wave

I burst into light

and flew into what was left of the sky

a million little pieces of why

no longer a human

but an inkling of space in all the

space around

energy floating in the void of

eternal emptiness

(I) was everything and nothing

who or what does not exist

only a feeling of peace and warmth


we were all stars

suspended in each others glowing hands.

(I) experienced myself as love and as the universe

as day and as night

the earth and water

raw spirit running amongst bouncing energy

specks of light in the dark

reflected in the night sky

we gaze at ourselves

the circle continues

nothing matters more and

nothing matters less

than this moment

Do you feel the wind or the displaced dust as you pass by?

 Explosions of color and shimmering leaves

they are projections

illusions of electric compilation

images from deep within the

blood of the earth

and particles of dust that form what we feel as bodies