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Gold Pavement

I awoke with a blue sky in my face. Sun felt like sun again and the heat filled every single part of me, the light was every part of me. What a world of strange shapes and colours and sounds, a painting in motion, an ever changing piece of art in every sense, sometimes tragic yet shapeable. Pavement covered in dirt seems like gold, why? The bitterest of tastes are welcome and the sweetest are cherished. Nothing goes overlooked, nothing goes unappreciated. Every inanimate part suddenly seems to breath and pulse with life although it may not have seemed to before. It came alive because you chose to see it is living, ridding of illusions and letting a clear image be shown. There is so much space, there is so much energy, embrace it, it can be easy to forget.DSCN3079


The Power of Softness

One of the biggest lessons yoga has taught, and confirmed for me, is the power of softness. Through softness we can achieve so much more than through harsh pressure, allowing what is natural to just be, taking time and care, nurturing attention, helping the waves along rather than swimming against them. The ability to hold that space and being conscious and accepting what is, and going from there. Acknowledging that wherever you are is where you’re meant to be and using a directed, relaxed effort to keep moving forward beautifully. Softness in discipline is required to continue to grow in a mindful and gentle way, steadily and successfully, unheeded by the distraction of pure ambition. Harnessing and allowing your cellular and ever present intelligence to guide you and listening to it’s voice. Knowing when to push further and when to take a step back. As long as we listen deeply to ourselves and our bodies and act accordingly with the mindful determination of a peaceful warrior, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome through softness.IMG_6862

Love and light,


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The Dance

Running through the grass and the occasional mud patch, I felt it in my chest. A feeling rising from somewhere deep, somewhere beyond. A warming not caused by the sun beaming down, but somewhere within. A pulse invoked from the source, a pulse all mine yet not mine at all. I feel my feet press into the earth and spring off almost effortlessly, a power creating their movement as they take turn in patterned movement. A pattern you cannot write down, it’s tendencies extend to my arms, hands, hips, soon taking over, leaving only subtle memories of myself. Perhaps it was all a beautiful dream, as right here and now, there exists only the dance.DSCN2227

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for reading!


Tending the Inner Fire

Some thoughts I spewed out onto paper whilst taking some time to myself, about taking that all important time to keep yourself grounded, uplifted and your mind clear. I hope you enjoy!

Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time and nurturing care. Too often we allow a part of us to be neglected or abused, leading us down a clouded path. We can still see the trail but something has changed. The light no longer shines as brightly on the pathway. We must clear the fog. Centre yourself, keep the cloud away so that all remains illuminated, clear, able to reflect. We must also remember that in order to give we must also learn to receive. Energies don’t just start and stop abruptly, they flow, they travel the path of least resistance. Do not resist. Let yourself be open to the influx of energy we are surrounded by and infused with. Allow it to move through you like a current creating sparks, propelling you upward and forward, an explosion of creativity and light overflowing with potential. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself the chance to rejuvenate, replenish, restore. Keep the wheels spinning. Go for a walk. Breathe in. Breathe out. Read a book. Make a drink. Stretch. Run. Whatever you need at this moment in time, do it. For yourself and everyone else who will benefit. See the sun and hear the birds, the bustle of cars and people. Breathe it all in, slowly, consciously, acknowledge every sacred second.DSCN1835

I hope you find what you need today to be in the nourishing space within that keeps us revitalized and our fire fueled.


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The Ultimate Gifts

Firstly, Happy Holidays! For whatever you celebrate, there is always a reason to do so! 🙂 Today I made a personal accomplishment; touching my nose to the ground in Upavistha Konasana (wide angle seated forward bend). Though truthfully, this liberating physical asana is only a wonderful byproduct of efforts. Truly received are space-clearing insights, eye opening teachings and oneness, a clarity incomparable to the appearance of any posture. Almost indescribable are these fruits. Through union we can remove obstacles, and when removed the path becomes clear. Nose to ground or not, trust in the power of your self. By giving in to the practice and persisting with positivity (a mantra I like to recall daily) we can receive the greatest gifts of all. Stillness of mind, clarity, a seed of inspiration and light planted deep within the flesh of our beings. that allows us to continue on the journey, unheeded by cloud and darkness. Of matter and of light, both come together; a union; this is yoga.

Acknowledge your challenges, face them strongly, a peaceful warrior, and let them go, for there is always a greater purpose. There is no need to hold onto anything. Light overcomes darkness, but not darkness over light. Know that we are provided with what we need to grow, extend up to the stars. Accept that we are all still human and be gentle with yourself as you travel the path. Only you can set yourself free, a being of light, a star amongst the infinity of space.P1070348

Hope you’re having an amazing holiday!


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With a jolt like a crashing wave

I burst into light

and flew into what was left of the sky

a million little pieces of why

no longer a human

but an inkling of space in all the

space around

energy floating in the void of

eternal emptiness

(I) was everything and nothing

who or what does not exist

only a feeling of peace and warmth


we were all stars

suspended in each others glowing hands.

(I) experienced myself as love and as the universe

as day and as night

the earth and water

raw spirit running amongst bouncing energy

specks of light in the dark

reflected in the night sky

we gaze at ourselves

the circle continues

nothing matters more and

nothing matters less

than this moment

Do you feel the wind or the displaced dust as you pass by?

 Explosions of color and shimmering leaves

they are projections

illusions of electric compilation

images from deep within the

blood of the earth

and particles of dust that form what we feel as bodies