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How I (try to) travel light

As I prepare to jet off on another leg of the great journey the excitement of packing the trusty ol’ travelling backpack fills me with joy. The constant narrowing down of everything you think you ‘need’ until it all fits comfortably into your turtle-shell carry all is a task I am well acquainted with and as annoying it can be, it is always good practice, of travel and of non-attachment.

I told myself this time I was taking nothing. I want to be able to hop on and off of buses without the fear of breaking my spine or dreading trekking up any sort of hill with my oversized pack. I will wear the same outfit for months. I imagine my backpack as a lovely floating green companion with a few shirts and a toothbrush, until I realize that unless I’m on naked and afraid, there will be a lot more than that. I’m going for balance here. So here is what I’ve narrowed it down to, quite painlessly actually, the guts of my pack which will hopefully be more ‘I can evade dogs and run fast with this!’ than ‘holy shit my knees are broken.’

One outfit would be light but ultimately impractical and boring. Sitting in an airport freezing in tiny shorts is at least better when you have a light sweater. Obviously it’s easier to pack light when you’ll be in warm climates, but terrain and environment can vary (32)With clothes it’s best to stick to basics and things that are multipurpose. That scarf? Now it’s a vest..or blanket..or skirt. Scarves are where it’s at.

So here I have:

5 tanktops (they’re small)

1 dress

2 pairs of yoga shorts

1 pair of leggings

1 scarf

1 sarong (like scarves, can have many uses)

2 hats and 1 wool buff

2 pairs jean shorts

1 cardigan

1 rainjacket/windbreaker

a clump of bathing suits and unds

Not so bad. I can honestly say scarves and my rainjacket have saved me numerous times, pack them! Also in this photo is my travel hoop (need) and hammock. Hammock’s a little heavy but can come in very handy and oh so comfy.

photo (35)

As for shoes, I typically end up with none or well worn flip flops, but there’s always a part of me that pictures myself hiking epic volcanoes and hoping for something a little more sturdy. The boots are a bit of an exception. These aren’t exactly something I would highly recommend bringing, but I love (33)

This part is where shit gets heavy. Previously I’ve travelled without a computer ( I didn’t actually own one at the time) but I just prefer to have it, especially if I plan to keep this ol’ thing pretty up to date. Then cameras, cords and chargers are added into the mix. As long as electronics are all kept compact and organized they’re really not bad to travel with. Also pictured here is the ESSENTIAL yoga mat and handy dandy journal. Not pictured here: Gopro and accessories.


photo (34)

Also bringing the ukulele!!!


This things been around the block.

At the end of it all, I feel like I did a pretty good job this time around. All comes down to weeding out what you really don’t need, which will become apparent when you hit the road. And don’t forget the little things, like passport copies and padlocks, just to be safe.

Hope this was a decent insight on the art of packing, happy travels and be safe!!!

Stay tuned for posts on my upcoming travels and to see where the wind is currently taking me!


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So lovely that it’s mad

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0090.Feel the energy refreshed


a new day

a new pattern

watch the particles collide

so close yet so far

do not resist the sun on your face

it is there for a reason

a changing of a season

doesn’t mean the same for everyone

as all our paths are unique

dancing and interweaving together

so much method in the madness

so lovely that it’s mad

many lifetimes to be had

let it all happen

let yourself be free

there is always more to see…



The gifts of Travel

As the fall months turn into a time of slowing down, renewal, reflection and recharging, I feel it’s a perfect time to share some thoughts about how travel has changed my life and why I love it, why every memory and experience is so special and how I think it is undoubtedly beneficial for our hearts and souls.

1. The people you meet

Some of the closest friends I have made have been while travelling, near and far. Taking yourself out of the ‘usual’ and freeing yourself you are no longer limited to what already surrounds, more able to make connections that you may never have made had you not taken the actions you did. This also goes for just doing new things and reaching out to the world wherever you are! Often you meet people on a similar page as you, and a few travel days can feel like a lifetime. Sometimes the shortest interactions are the ones that affect you the most. I believe that everyone we come across in life comes into our lives for a reason, sharing their own unique thoughts and gifts, and these relationships are so beautiful. If it weren’t for the amazing people I have been so fortunate to meet along the way, my journeys would not be what they are. IMG_6963IMG_8235


2.  The Uncertainty of Diving into the Unknown

A friend and I discussed this once and dubbed it ‘the newness’. It is this concept, this excitement of jumping into the uncertain, leaving comforts behind and allowing yourself to be free as you truly exist, that is a huge reason I love to travel. Although each day is a new adventure, yes, waking up in new cities, speaking different languages and reaching destinations you can barely dream of are the perfect breeding grounds for creating the experiences that open our minds and make the seemingly undoable possible. Even crappy plane rides and dreadful bus rides are awesome. Every time you leave, you know that things will never be the same. In doing this we are letting go, tuning into the place that is always there where limitations are only an illusion. IMG_6743


3. Cultural Diversity

We are all citizens of the world. The privilege to go out and broaden the cultures we are familiar with, se different ways of life and live amongst our fellow earthlings, near and far, is such a blessing. The hospitality and kindness I have experienced by people I’ve known for a mere few hours fills my heart with light, and whether it is these blissful moments or the witnessing of tragedies one would never hope to experience, all parts of seeing new places go toward expanding our views, inside and out. IMG_6913IMG_6903IMG_8152


4. The lifestyle

Depending on where you are, lifestyles in other places my differ dramatically from your home town, city or country. I love the aspect of Nicaraguan culture that takes a siesta, or mid afternoon rest. I love how when Thai street vendors need to stop for a snack, they do it. The lifestyle of travel, however taxing at times, including ups and downs as all ways of life, to me represents freedom, a feeling of living outside the box. From being able to buy vegetables from a smiling market vendor to going for morning swims in the warm Pacific, the variety of a different lifestyle is enticing. IMG_7424IMG_8021IMG_8188

5. The experiences

This includes every single moment, down to the 2 hour conversation with a ‘stranger’ that made your day, to the wonder of marvelling at Angkor Wat. There are just too many possibilities for amazing and beautiful experiences that only await us to find them. The world is our playground, to be respected, but enjoyed. Things that propel us to savour each breath and each captivating moment, times that later we thing about and say “wow, I never though I would be hiking in the remote mountains in Panama, or diving with whale sharks 20 feet away”.IMG_7119IMG_696110484408_10152382797348801_1205815922308248771_n

6. The Food

Yes we have some amazing choices at our fingertips here in Canada, but holy, who is not down with a delicious steaming curry made from scratch that turns out to be addictive, or fish tacos with the freshest ingredients you’ve ever experienced? You can taste the difference in high vibrational foods, you can feel it. You can feel life through pungent herbs and the aromas of carefully blended spice mixes, there are just so many unique and one of a kind foods to try. The only issue is deciding what’s next! Not to mention living in places where you can pick fresh fruits daily and where sometimes fast ‘food’ is not even an option.IMG_4643IMG_4684IMG_6647

Our world is a magical place! What do you love about travel? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


Costa Rica Loving and Why You Should go Whitewater Rafting

Sorry for the mini-photo

As you can probably tell by the title, I went whitewater rafting for the first time the other day and FELL IN LOVE. More on that in a moment, but first a little update on the current adventures that have been unfolding in this beautiful country. Living and working in a hostel, The Flutterby House, has been amazing and such a crazy different experience from being a guest. Being part of the travelling community and meeting so many new and unique people every day but always being the one to stay, watching the influx of people and energies on busier days and feeling the sleepy calmness of the atmosphere when occupancy is lower. It’s also so special to become part of the community of the area and see much more than one normally would if only passing through. Contributing to the community itself and feeling yourself as a piece of the whole, as we all are, is what makes it all special. The uniqueness that people from all different places can come together here and feel at home, all in the beautiful surroundings of the dense tropical vegetation and breathtaking coastline of Uvita, Dominical and the surrounding area. The vibration of the Pacific comes in on the warm breeze, I can hear it calling as I write this. As rainy season begins, the energy and power of the lightning and thunder, huge raindrops smacking the roof above my head all add to the magic that make this wonderful reality.IMG_7529 IMG_7380IMG_7335IMG_7429IMG_7499IMG_7573IMG_7645Teaching yoga in the open air of the yoga deck is such a blessing. So grateful to have students from all over, learning something new from each soul who comes to class and grow with them, the experience is priceless. If you’re in the area come around and get in on some invigorating Vinyasa Flow!IMG_7633IMG_7396 Some days are spent blissfully walking Playa Uvita down to the awesome swimming spot near the whales tail (a reef that juts out and looks like a whales tail from above!), taking leisurely bike rides into town and cooking late lunches with ingredients that you can taste the life in, while some I find myself ripping out somewhere and feeling like a true traveller again, marvelling in the newness of powerful waterfalls, cool rivers and fun markets. Getting to know locals in the area means being able to see things you wouldn’t normally from a backpackers path, like the crazy Cinqo de Mayo party we attended the other day at a lovely local couple’s home high in the mountains, or exploring a beautiful retreat centre where a friend works and seeing the behind the scenes of what goes into putting on amazing events and gatherings.  One of my favorite parts of being here and staying for a while is the chance to really soak it all in, savoring each moment and learning about the area, indulging in the time spent simply realizing the greenness of the trees and the warmth of the air, seeing every day’s events and appreciating what a cool and surreal life we live. Also, the abundance of fresh fruit is just fricken awesome; mangoes are never better than when you find them from the giant shade-providing trees all around. IMG_7662IMG_7694On that note of extreme enthusiasm, onto rafting!!!!! As part of our ‘crew day’ we went rafting down the Rio Savegre with Dominical Surf Adventures, class 2-3 rapids, perfect for most of our skill levels and one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Looking around at the mountains on the calm spots and then paddling hard, feeling the strength of your body and working as a team to power down the river, falling through big holes and loving the rush as water splashes into the boat and over your face, the perfect temperature in the warm air. Our guides were both super skilled and knowledgable and actually have a rafting team competing in some sort of championships. I felt empowered to be in good hands and still part of the force directing us through the rapids. The feeling rafting gave me was similar to when I first went diving, so new and exciting, a multifaceted activity that plasters a smile on your face and in your heart. The guides were just as pumped. Even though it’s a little bit expensive, I can’t wait to go again. So all in all, although I have only been here in Uvita for a month, it’s been a roller coaster of fun and exiting new adventures and a big ball of beauty that seems to have exploded and spewed magic everywhere. Intense, I know. Thank you to everyone who makes this place so special, you’re all so awesome! Come visit!

Did you enjoy this post? If so please share the love with others! What places and things do you find magical and fill your heart with excitement? Have you been rafting? Share your thoughts! Namaste!

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Flashback to Thailand: Finding Solace in Krabi

Returning to Thailand after almost a month in the Kingdom of Cambodia, we spent a long two nights sleeping on technicoloured buses, from Siem Reap to Bangkok and Bangkok to Krabi. The goal was to find a quiet and relaxing private bungalow where we could straight up zen out, away from hostels and partying, simply soaking it all in. Our prayers were answered as the two of us were whisked away in a songthaew to Pine Bungalows, located outside of Krabi town. We whizzed down the highway passing towering rocky cliffs covered in lush vegetation and dense palm forests that are characteristic of the coast. P1070553P1070563We paid a mere 500 Baht a night (250 baht each). Simple and exactly what we were looking for, right on Klong Moung Beach. The grounds were well maintained and pretty, with a badminton net, basketball court restaurant and hammocks strung from palm trees on a private beach. The staff were friendly ad helpful and our neighbours quiet but smiley, clearly looking for the same tranquil escape. Each morning I could practice yoga on our little porch, followed by a swim in the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea.P1070513 P1070517P1070526P1070527The only way to really leave was by moped, taxi, or by boat to another beach, so when we grew tired of badminton, swimming or basketball on the resort’s court, we rented a bike and ripped into Krabi town, where we strolled through a market, walked the riverside and browsed a grocery store. (Grocery stores are a bit of a luxury when you eat out at every meal!) The hotels and restaurants up the road were definitely geared toward the more luxurious traveller and families, so we mainly stuck to a diet of rice and canned beans, but did treat ourselves one night to a nice dinner at a busy restaurant with great mood lighting.P1070556 P1070555P1070575 My favorite part of our stay at Pine Bungalows? The stunning sunsets over the ocean, swimming for hours and gazing out as it descends for the night, floating serenely in the dreamy pinks and blues of the late day’s light, peacefully and happily. Freedom of action, freedom of thought, and so much beauty.

Yes, this is a real photo!

Yes, this is a real photo!

The perfect way to spend a few days before going back to the beloved little island of Koh Tao!

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Cross Canada Tour Part 4: Quebec City

A pretty quick drive from Montreal, our next destination was Quebec City, where we stayed at L’hotel Marie Rollet right in Old Quebec. Such a beautiful old building and room, it felt like a trip into the past to have such lovely classic accomodations. DSCN2601DSCN2620DSCN2622Waking to a sunny but chilly early fall day, we explored the old city by foot, gushing at the sight of the awesome buildings and Christmas town feel of the French city. A rather touristy area, and for good reason. Cobblestone streets, aesthetic hotels, the magnificent Basilique-Cathedrale and inviting old world charm, this place is a feast for the eyes.

Breakfast on our cute rooftop patio!

Breakfast on our cute rooftop patio!

DSCN2629DSCN2647DSCN2636DSCN2660DSCN2662DSCN2667In a matter of hours I fell in love with Quebec city, and felt at home walking through art filled alleys and practicing my French. DSCN2666DSCN2674DSCN2664Reluctant to leave this jewel, we departed for one of our final destinations, where the end of the road was marked with the smiling faces of my loving family and nostalgia of babyhood in the homeland, New Brunswick.

Have you travelled to the province of Quebec? What are your favorite aspects of this Canadian culture?


Cross Canada Tour Part 2: Natural Wonders

Continuing on the Trans Canada Highway we left Dryden and headed deeper into the vastness of Ontario, passing sporadically placed towns and countless still-water lakes. Driving through what seemed like endless forest we made our way toward Sault Ste. Marie, our goal destination for the day. We thought we would make it a lot farther than we did, but no, Ontario is giant, and we may have left a little later than planned. Around nightfall we came upon a town we knew we wouldn’t be staying in, Marathon. Back in 96′ when we drove across Canada going west, this had been the one town Mom refused to spend the night in, repelled by strange vibes. We joked nervously as we rolled into the gas station just outside town. Just using the empty washrooms was creepy enough, and then the sudden quiet as the clerk locked up and ripped home right after we filled up.P1100037 We drove into the ghost town and right back out, choosing an unknown overnight location over the little village. A little further down the road we stopped in White River, the original home of Winnie the Pooh, for a good night’s motel sleep. The next day we planned to get to Niagara Falls, another ambitious goal. After hours of snaking along the province’s winding roads we finally saw it; the magnificent blue peeking through the trees and then gleaming brilliantly in the distance, Lake Superior.P1100008 P1100020P1100001It pulled us like a sparkling magnet right into Old Woman Bay, once a port for aboriginal canoers who braved the waves of the massive lake in their handmade boats. The wind was cold but the sun was warm so we soothed our road weary bodies with a much needed yoga break.P1100043 P1100046P1100049Shortly after, we stopped at the Lake Superior Visitor Centre, a fun little nature house that offered tons of history of the lake and information of the beautiful flora and fauna.P1100119 P1100120P1100118Since by the time we finished here it was getting late, we just drove right into the campsite right on the shores of the lake, busted out the camp stove and hung out at the beach. There were tons of other campers, all enjoying the late summer sunsets and crisp air. It was freezing! P1100154P1100190P1100204P1100202P1100226Leaving in the cool hours at the crack of dawn, we drove all the way to Niagara Falls this day. Our only real stop was at Canadian Carver, a cool store with tons of Huron handicrafts, leather goods and of course, carvings.P1100229 Upon arrival to Niagara Falls we checked into our hotel (with pool, woo!) and went for a little walk around the town. From the top of the hill we could just see a glimpse of the monstrous falls, hidden by the night. It wasn’t until morning that we got to view this natural wonder in all it’s glory. From such a distance you feel the refreshing mist on your face, as it turns into a full on shower as you approach the gigantic cascades. The little maid of the mist disappeared quietly into it’s mystery as we looked over the edge. Such an amazing and beautiful sight, the raw power of nature in front of your eyes, there is a reason this is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the (85) photo (86)photo (87)photo (88)Although the town is a little funny with it’s casinos, buffets and very touristy establishments like Margaritaville, the falls natural splendour remains (83) photo (84)We said goodbye to the falls and strange little Las Vegas town and headed toward new adventures and one of our trip’s major highlights, Montreal!