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Two nights in San Jose

After saying goodbye to hostel life and amazing homies I found myself leaving Uvita, vomiting the previous night’s party into a bag and darting glances from the old man across the isle. My next stop was Nicaragua, where I planned to finally do some Spanish courses and stop embarrassing myself with my artful butchering of the wonderful language. I spent two cool days in San Jose, one at a hostel that seemed like someone’s house, full of university students, and one at one of the most popular hostels in San Jose, Hostel Pangea. The first was quite cozy and intimate, with nice people, but out of town and very quite. I preferred the latter. They have a rooftop bar and a pool, enough (1) Once the security guard pokes his eyes through the peephole and you enter the iron gates, trancey beats and trippy wall art welcome you into the backpacker-esque atmosphere of Pangea. The sky was gray and slightly spitting when I arrived, laying a sleepy layer over the hostel and the city. As I had discovered the night before, San Jose was cold. Cold of course compared to the sweltering jungle heat of Uvita, not cold enough to keep me out of the pool though. A friendly lad by the pool offered to share his sushi, but being in a new city I was too excited to take a solo walk to the grocery store. There is just something about strolling the isles of foreign grocery stores that is like being in an art gallery, shelves full of colors and new-ness. Perhaps it was the gray sky, the iron bars everywhere or bustling pace of the city people, or a combination, but the vibe I was feeing made me walk swiftly. I practiced my poor Spanish on the cashier as I paid for my gallo pinto and fruit. My next plan of action was purchasing a ticket to Granada, Nicaragua, where I planned to get schooled in Espanol. The friendly Tico fellow at the front desk finished work and we walked to the ticket office through the busy streets of San Jose. New shops, new faces, all different yet all sharing the bond of existing in the world together. San Jose is actually one of the only places I feel was similar to how I expected it. He told me about his university and thoughts and home outside the city and I felt my heart filled again with an ever-living pool of wonder and gratitude. As the clouds forecasted, the rain began, and we waited under the shelter of the ticket office for it to calm down, watching people come and go in the rain, my friend waved to a guy on rollerskates busting through a deep puddle. Bus ticket purchased, I returned to the Pangea ready to relax, wandered to the scenic rooftop bar and made some friends.  Other than the unenthused bartender who I found particularly entertaining, the rootop bar was a fun atmosphere with a great view and served really good food! This turned into a long evening of enthusiastic chatter and stories and plans, excitement of memories and what adventures have yet to come. Later on a friend from Uvita showed up, as those things happen so often while travelling. Some other features of the hostel include computers available for use, a movie room and luggage storage in the day, a great place to stay if you go through San Jose for a night or two.

The next morning, cruising through silent San Jose streets I got to see the city as a skeleton, when it’s heart beat is slow and rythm still sleeping, the surrounding mountains watching cooly. My cab driver asked me where I was going and advised me to watch my belongings carefully, and I was comforted by his concern and friendliness. Long bus ride to Granada. here I come. Like most, I’m not a huge fan of crossing borders as it is, and this time in particular, realizing I had overtayed my visa in Costa by a month and not having proof of leaving Nicaragua, it was quite difficult to keep my mind from conujuring up numerous unpleasant situations in the purgatory of the bus. My heart raced as I approached the immigration desk with an auto-smile, hoping that I, would buffer whatever was coming. Next thing I knew I was back on the bus, a successful border crossing and in fact one of the easiest. Two obvious lessons here, don’t worry too much, but please first make sure you know when your shit expires, ya rookie. Next stop, Granada!

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Costa Rica Loving and Why You Should go Whitewater Rafting

Sorry for the mini-photo

As you can probably tell by the title, I went whitewater rafting for the first time the other day and FELL IN LOVE. More on that in a moment, but first a little update on the current adventures that have been unfolding in this beautiful country. Living and working in a hostel, The Flutterby House, has been amazing and such a crazy different experience from being a guest. Being part of the travelling community and meeting so many new and unique people every day but always being the one to stay, watching the influx of people and energies on busier days and feeling the sleepy calmness of the atmosphere when occupancy is lower. It’s also so special to become part of the community of the area and see much more than one normally would if only passing through. Contributing to the community itself and feeling yourself as a piece of the whole, as we all are, is what makes it all special. The uniqueness that people from all different places can come together here and feel at home, all in the beautiful surroundings of the dense tropical vegetation and breathtaking coastline of Uvita, Dominical and the surrounding area. The vibration of the Pacific comes in on the warm breeze, I can hear it calling as I write this. As rainy season begins, the energy and power of the lightning and thunder, huge raindrops smacking the roof above my head all add to the magic that make this wonderful reality.IMG_7529 IMG_7380IMG_7335IMG_7429IMG_7499IMG_7573IMG_7645Teaching yoga in the open air of the yoga deck is such a blessing. So grateful to have students from all over, learning something new from each soul who comes to class and grow with them, the experience is priceless. If you’re in the area come around and get in on some invigorating Vinyasa Flow!IMG_7633IMG_7396 Some days are spent blissfully walking Playa Uvita down to the awesome swimming spot near the whales tail (a reef that juts out and looks like a whales tail from above!), taking leisurely bike rides into town and cooking late lunches with ingredients that you can taste the life in, while some I find myself ripping out somewhere and feeling like a true traveller again, marvelling in the newness of powerful waterfalls, cool rivers and fun markets. Getting to know locals in the area means being able to see things you wouldn’t normally from a backpackers path, like the crazy Cinqo de Mayo party we attended the other day at a lovely local couple’s home high in the mountains, or exploring a beautiful retreat centre where a friend works and seeing the behind the scenes of what goes into putting on amazing events and gatherings.  One of my favorite parts of being here and staying for a while is the chance to really soak it all in, savoring each moment and learning about the area, indulging in the time spent simply realizing the greenness of the trees and the warmth of the air, seeing every day’s events and appreciating what a cool and surreal life we live. Also, the abundance of fresh fruit is just fricken awesome; mangoes are never better than when you find them from the giant shade-providing trees all around. IMG_7662IMG_7694On that note of extreme enthusiasm, onto rafting!!!!! As part of our ‘crew day’ we went rafting down the Rio Savegre with Dominical Surf Adventures, class 2-3 rapids, perfect for most of our skill levels and one of the most fun things I’ve ever done. Looking around at the mountains on the calm spots and then paddling hard, feeling the strength of your body and working as a team to power down the river, falling through big holes and loving the rush as water splashes into the boat and over your face, the perfect temperature in the warm air. Our guides were both super skilled and knowledgable and actually have a rafting team competing in some sort of championships. I felt empowered to be in good hands and still part of the force directing us through the rapids. The feeling rafting gave me was similar to when I first went diving, so new and exciting, a multifaceted activity that plasters a smile on your face and in your heart. The guides were just as pumped. Even though it’s a little bit expensive, I can’t wait to go again. So all in all, although I have only been here in Uvita for a month, it’s been a roller coaster of fun and exiting new adventures and a big ball of beauty that seems to have exploded and spewed magic everywhere. Intense, I know. Thank you to everyone who makes this place so special, you’re all so awesome! Come visit!

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Picture Perfect, Pavones, Costa Rica

The beach where i’m sitting is almost deserted and that’s just how it is. Palms stand alone guarding the beautiful shores as many restful siestas are being had, cooling down in the afternoon sun. It’s beams reflect off the water with such power that you feel every single one on your skin. Harmony on the breeze, a stillness in motion. Pavones is beautiful. Located just north of the Costa Rica-Panama border on the Pacific ocean, I knew I loved this place the moment we arrived. The cool waters of the Rio Claro, with it’s glasslike pools thatmake one appear to be gliding through thick air, the water an embodiment of a certain intangible element that ties it all together. A beautiful energy in the air. IMG_7242

IMG_7205The first afternoon in Pavones, we found refuge from the hot sun and our heavy backpacks at Cabinas Carol, an attractive accommodation of cabinas with a nice communal kitchen, well kept bathrooms and free coffee. At 15 dollars a night, this is a great place to stay to meet awesome people and be a short walk from the beach. The rest of the duration of my stay was just next door at what didn’t seem like cabinas at first, but as the days went on seemed to just get better. First a bench, then a doormat, the list goes on. Carlos, Chino, Estevan and the gang there were super friendly and accommodating, and fed us the best papaya honey empanadas. In a whirlwind of transient hostels, for a week this felt like a home, complete with cute ass puppies.IMG_7228 Though the town is quite small the grocery stores here are packed, not too expensive, there are a couple of bars and restaurants, and most everything in the town is close enough to create an amazing community vibe. The waves toward the right side of the beach are quite good for intermediate beginnners, and definitely for more advanced surfers while there is a swell. IMG_7268Walking from the town about an hour an a half you can reach Punta Banco, a giant stretch of beach where you will probably find yourself alone, or at least be just far enough away to think that one other beachgoer is just a fleck on the horizon. It’s a good walk but a hot one, and a little hitchhiking could be appropriate here, but either way so worth it to enjoy this magical beach.IMG_7243

On Saturdays there is the best little farmers market in the town just next to the ‘skate park’. I pretty much fell in love as I roamed the little tables, eyes wide and drooling at all the fresh baked goods, homemade hot sauces and hummus, beautiful handcrafted jewelry, coconut oils, fresh pressed juices and true gems of all locally handmade items. The fresh made hummus was my personal favorite, and you may find yourself spending your ‘life savings’ on these morsels of magic. On that note, make sure you bring enough cash to town, as there are no ATMs.IMG_7183

For a killer burrito, hit Tico-Mex, those things are huge and amazing. And for an evening of magic, the sunsets here are fricken beautiful. Plenty of dry coconut husks and driftwood also means a beachfire under the stars, good company, a box of Clos (the classiest of wines) and wading into the water to see bioluminescence and rainbow jellyfish.IMG_7260IMG_7207IMG_7271 Pavones, hasta luego, I’ll be back!

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Pura Vida on the Caribbean Coast

Hello beautiful Earthlings! As the last three amazing weeks have been spent tucked away in the Costa Rican jungle, living and breathing yoga, learning and growing, I have not had even a blink to come on and write here! So here it is!!! How wonderful it feels to be back in the tropics, sun on the skin and freedom abound. There is nothing quite like waking up to howler monkeys and laying in sivasana (corpse pose) in the hot sun as the Caribbean laps at your toes. And of course sloths! I want to thank everyone at Frog Lotus Yoga and all of my fellow yogis for making the entire 3 weeks so special, truly blessed we are.DSCN2884

Morning pilgrimage

Morning pilgrimage

The Goddess Tree

The Goddess Tree

Gourmet digs, our chef was amazing.

Gourmet digs, our chef was amazing.

Wonderful band at our celebration!

Wonderful band at our celebration!

DSCN2988Currently we are stationed in Puerto Viejo, a cute little rasta surf town on the Caribbean coast, full of reggae bars, friendly people and a laid back atmosphere. Just what the doctor orders, always. Hotel Puerto Viejo, our current home, made us feel comfortable right away on arrival, happy and helpful staff, tons of lounging space full of travelers and a good size communal kitchen perfect for cooking rice and beans with lots of cayenne. 🙂 Amidst palms and cute pathways sit little cabinas, a little paradise hidden from the street. My eyes may grow heavy but reggae beats and the cool vibe of the town and hostel itself draw you away from your bunk. Gallo pinto and beach yoga por favor!The hotel also features book trades, a pool table! Always a plus. Beer whenever and coffee in the morning, there is something here to suit all tastes.DSCN3044DSCN3046 DSCN3053The owner was so kind to let me teach a yoga class in an open area, where I hope to offer more classes throughout the duration of our stay! The other night I caved, I knew it would happen eventually, and had my head braided, a 4 hour mission, where my lovely hair-doer Nelson taught me some Spanish and battled through my rat’s nest of unkempt dreads. Reggae bars, patacones and batidos en agua (fruit smoothies), Puerto Viejo has ‘Pura Vida’ written all over it, a community vibe, non-exclusively for lovers of chocolate, relaxation and the beach.

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