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A Summer Festival Recap: Shambhala Music Festival

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Alright so here it is, round 3 of my beloved Shambhala, the festival that stole my heart, changed my life and continues to feel like home. I remember thinking after the first year “how can it get any better?” yet every year, as the universe would have it, it does. And this is just the nature of life. Change is the name of the game, and the festival evolves, the events of it evolve, and we evolve with it. Thank you to all my fellow Shambhalovelies, friends and fam for making this year explosively amazing.

This year I drove from Alberta instead of the coast of BC, so the drive was new to me, a lovely winding trail of excitement through southern BC to the dusty lineup trail and into the welcoming arms of the grassy parking lot. So much love. Sitting and dancing in that lineup is just the first amazing checkpoint in what is about to be a crazy ass bunch of days filled with the unimaginable, just how I like it. Unbenounced to us, one of our best homies had flown all the way from New Zealand to be at this world-rocking festival with us, talk about surprise. And this was just the beginning. 10577146_10154429912345332_7623776418651210329_n10599337_10154429911330332_5347113477686922334_n

While camping in the field is fun and I for one love heat, camping in the ‘Fractal Forest’ little elf hideaway area this year was the best idea since pb and j. Perfect temperature in the day and just enough light, not the kind  of scorching sun that busts you out of your tent early in the morning. 10568878_10154429909610332_5584683973236373519_n10426208_10154429902420332_3114472907029974120_n

Christening the arrival to the ranch always starts with a dip in the cool waters of the river. I still felt at this point that I wasn’t here, it was all so surreal. 10950_10154429893610332_3358343127313007471_n

The opening act was Wakcutt and Deeps again this year, who just destroyed the Amphitheatre. Getting down and weird in the sand, feeling the bass again in your chest, that’s when it all starts to set in. 10561567_10154429901755332_2608094340531802968_n

Between dips in the river, frolicking through crowds of happy people and who knows what in the city of Shambhala there were some of the best sets this year that just blew my mind. In addition to the usual stages, ‘The Grove’ was a new installment this year, with crystal clear sound that shone through in the music of some of my favorite artists like Phaeleh and Opiuo. The Grove was definitely a successful addition.

Going to Shambhala each year is like watching a movie multiple times, you continue to notice more and more details, uncover more new and beautiful experiences just waiting to happen and become more and more one with the place itself. As for favorite sets, Truth, Toltek, Phaeleh, Commodo and G Jones were top of my list.


I have few words to say, but the feeling is strong. Shambhala, you are a gift. A grounds where seeds are planted, the magic of life is realized and love is abundant. See you next year! 10411357_10154429909170332_16182084341990078_n


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One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley

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