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The gifts of Travel


As the fall months turn into a time of slowing down, renewal, reflection and recharging, I feel it’s a perfect time to share some thoughts about how travel has changed my life and why I love it, why every memory and experience is so special and how I think it is undoubtedly beneficial for our hearts and souls.

1. The people you meet

Some of the closest friends I have made have been while travelling, near and far. Taking yourself out of the ‘usual’ and freeing yourself you are no longer limited to what already surrounds, more able to make connections that you may never have made had you not taken the actions you did. This also goes for just doing new things and reaching out to the world wherever you are! Often you meet people on a similar page as you, and a few travel days can feel like a lifetime. Sometimes the shortest interactions are the ones that affect you the most. I believe that everyone we come across in life comes into our lives for a reason, sharing their own unique thoughts and gifts, and these relationships are so beautiful. If it weren’t for the amazing people I have been so fortunate to meet along the way, my journeys would not be what they are. IMG_6963IMG_8235


2.  The Uncertainty of Diving into the Unknown

A friend and I discussed this once and dubbed it ‘the newness’. It is this concept, this excitement of jumping into the uncertain, leaving comforts behind and allowing yourself to be free as you truly exist, that is a huge reason I love to travel. Although each day is a new adventure, yes, waking up in new cities, speaking different languages and reaching destinations you can barely dream of are the perfect breeding grounds for creating the experiences that open our minds and make the seemingly undoable possible. Even crappy plane rides and dreadful bus rides are awesome. Every time you leave, you know that things will never be the same. In doing this we are letting go, tuning into the place that is always there where limitations are only an illusion. IMG_6743


3. Cultural Diversity

We are all citizens of the world. The privilege to go out and broaden the cultures we are familiar with, se different ways of life and live amongst our fellow earthlings, near and far, is such a blessing. The hospitality and kindness I have experienced by people I’ve known for a mere few hours fills my heart with light, and whether it is these blissful moments or the witnessing of tragedies one would never hope to experience, all parts of seeing new places go toward expanding our views, inside and out. IMG_6913IMG_6903IMG_8152


4. The lifestyle

Depending on where you are, lifestyles in other places my differ dramatically from your home town, city or country. I love the aspect of Nicaraguan culture that takes a siesta, or mid afternoon rest. I love how when Thai street vendors need to stop for a snack, they do it. The lifestyle of travel, however taxing at times, including ups and downs as all ways of life, to me represents freedom, a feeling of living outside the box. From being able to buy vegetables from a smiling market vendor to going for morning swims in the warm Pacific, the variety of a different lifestyle is enticing. IMG_7424IMG_8021IMG_8188

5. The experiences

This includes every single moment, down to the 2 hour conversation with a ‘stranger’ that made your day, to the wonder of marvelling at Angkor Wat. There are just too many possibilities for amazing and beautiful experiences that only await us to find them. The world is our playground, to be respected, but enjoyed. Things that propel us to savour each breath and each captivating moment, times that later we thing about and say “wow, I never though I would be hiking in the remote mountains in Panama, or diving with whale sharks 20 feet away”.IMG_7119IMG_696110484408_10152382797348801_1205815922308248771_n

6. The Food

Yes we have some amazing choices at our fingertips here in Canada, but holy, who is not down with a delicious steaming curry made from scratch that turns out to be addictive, or fish tacos with the freshest ingredients you’ve ever experienced? You can taste the difference in high vibrational foods, you can feel it. You can feel life through pungent herbs and the aromas of carefully blended spice mixes, there are just so many unique and one of a kind foods to try. The only issue is deciding what’s next! Not to mention living in places where you can pick fresh fruits daily and where sometimes fast ‘food’ is not even an option.IMG_4643IMG_4684IMG_6647

Our world is a magical place! What do you love about travel? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Author: ohmbass

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3 thoughts on “The gifts of Travel

  1. ❤ nice writing, reflections of a beautiful soul

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