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Holding faith, no matter what you practice.


This morning I woke up feeling odd. My hip felt stiff, my chest a little congested, and my right eye randomly hurting. Chalked up to allergies and excess sleepiness I diagnosed, but nothing huge. My tired and waking mind told me to inspect my eye and not disturb my hip, bothered by these physical nuances, but my faith told me to go to my mat like countless mornings before. After a meditation and blissful yoga practice in the early air, these worldy things, as usual, became less and less. Whatever it is for you, whether that is music, art, martial arts, running, singing, dancing, whatever gets you to that place where your mind is still and heart at peace, that is your practice.  As we practice over time, these types of things, unnecessary attachments, hold a weaker and weaker grasp on us, fuelled by a steady mind’s ability to differentiate subconsciously what is ‘real’ from what is less pressing. Of course our basic human instincts are still intact, but now, with a clear mind, our intuition shines. Our ability to not just see and try to control but to feel our journey and how the universe provides for us what we need, as long as we are listening, that the wisdom is within, not without, though the external physical world is an amazing aid to get us to realize this. Upon leaving my mat smiling and with a renewed vision I also realized my eye was bothering me because I’m allergic to cats. Even the seemingly most obvious details can go unnoticed if there is a lack of clarity. Though the effects of the practice, meditation and mindfulness, all of it, are imprinted into your very being as you remove layer upon layer of fog until the space of light that we are is more constant, practice is necessary to remain in the aura of clarity. We are not immune to the fluctuations of human emotion, the world as we know it, ups and downs, the good and the ‘bad’, but as long as we maintain clarity and the faith to practice and know that it is always there, our true essence of light, we can manoeuvre through the universe beautifully, triumphantly, and with love.20140801_155004

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Author: ohmbass

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley

2 thoughts on “Holding faith, no matter what you practice.

  1. Love this! Your writing is always so relatable. It’s nice to see some of your worries and then learn about how you work through them using meditation and yoga. I love you!!

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