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The Yoga of Travel


Travel, how beautiful and interesting a subject you are. Going from place to place, meeting people from all walks of life, seeing new and different things all the time, daily extremes ranging from stimuli overloads left and right to days spent in a hammock or on a bus. Through these fluctuations we grasp onto the mid-line of our internal scales, striving for balance as we do everyday, and realizing how beneficial these changes can be to help our focus and awareness grow. Familiar subject? Like yoga! Change and flowing with it, becoming stronger in each action and aware of the crazy and amazing goings on, yoga and life go well together. It can be difficult to keep up with your practice on the road and through the waves of stuff that the world brings our way, but through dedicated effort and positivity, anything is possible. These are some tips I find helpful for keeping up with your practice when a solid routine can be harder to establish, with first knowing that sometimes solid routine isn’t what we need. Conditions change from day to day, emotions, weather, needs. We adapt to grow and learn, evolve and flourish. Enjoy!

“…To be flexible enough to respond to the needs of the moment-to be able and willing to assist others through deeds of loving kindness. This is the ideal culmination of yoga in action, and is more important that doing your yoga practices at the exact stroke of the clock.”-Mukunda Stiles

1. Set a time.

Even if it’s a few minutes (or half an hour off), set a starting time for your practice that you think you can make work, and then stick with it. Give yourself realistic duration goals and chances are you will end up exceeding them.

2. Make down time productive.

Meditation can be practiced almost anywhere. A couple minutes or hours, any time that we dedicate to looking inward is time well spent.IMG_7194

3. Sunrise and sunset.

Avoiding distraction during the peak hours of the day can be near to impossible when so many great things are happening! Waterfall adventure? Si! Sunrise and sunset hours are good times to get to the mat as they are generally cooler, more mellow and seem to just come naturally with yoga practices.IMG_7162

4. Harness Simpler Poses

The beauty of more simple and less extravagant yoga poses is that they can be done almost anywhere, and due to their nature can be exactly what is called for when we need to come back to centre.2

5. Embrace it.

Do what you can, where you can, and make it count. Often a shorter more focused practice can provide us with so much more than a drawn-on unfocused one will. Through dedication, love and pure intention your practice can thrive no matter where you go.IMG_6801

Blossom everyday knowing you have the inner and outer strength to make every day magical!


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Author: ohmbass

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2 thoughts on “The Yoga of Travel

  1. Great post – looking forward to trying this when I go travelling next year 🙂

  2. Thanks! Good plan! Where will you be travelling?

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