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The Power of Softness


One of the biggest lessons yoga has taught, and confirmed for me, is the power of softness. Through softness we can achieve so much more than through harsh pressure, allowing what is natural to just be, taking time and care, nurturing attention, helping the waves along rather than swimming against them. The ability to hold that space and being conscious and accepting what is, and going from there. Acknowledging that wherever you are is where you’re meant to be and using a directed, relaxed effort to keep moving forward beautifully. Softness in discipline is required to continue to grow in a mindful and gentle way, steadily and successfully, unheeded by the distraction of pure ambition. Harnessing and allowing your cellular and ever present intelligence to guide you and listening to it’s voice. Knowing when to push further and when to take a step back. As long as we listen deeply to ourselves and our bodies and act accordingly with the mindful determination of a peaceful warrior, there is no obstacle we cannot overcome through softness.IMG_6862

Love and light,


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Author: ohmbass

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Softness

  1. Awesome Jess! Very thoughtful and eloquent! Love you…Namaste xxoxo mom

  2. Thanks Jade!! Likewise, loving all of your guys’ posts! 🙂 Thanks, namasteee! xox

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