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Beautiful Bocas del Toro, Panama

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Hola amigos! I have been having internet issues/it doesn’t exist where I’m staying so this is my attempt at updating and sharing some beauty in a little slice of a technological flyer. What beautiful days these have been. Now in Bocas del Toro, Panama, on the big island of Isla Colon, or Bocas Town. Didn’t even plan to come here but glad I did! The islands of Bocas are made up of a bunch of beautiful lush swimming and surfing spots, busy and bustling like the hostels in town and muy tranquilo on the smaller islands when you need (102) Currently staying at Hostel Heike in Bocas Town, a very cool hostel with a super friendly staff, free coffee and pancakes in the morning with fresh grated cacao. The first day here we checked out Playa Estrellas or ‘Starfish Beach’ which was calm as can be and perfect for swimming. We only saw one starfish but it was indeed lovely. Yesterday we biked to Playa Bluff, such a magical place, not for swimming but the waves are fit for surfing. The sight of this beach and the waves really blew me away. A nice 30 or so minute ride unless your chain falls off multiple (99)

First delicious hostel meal in Panama.

First delicious hostel meal in Panama.

It is so beautiful here I can barely handle it. Looking at the glowing moon from our rooftop patio in such a heavenly light I feel like I can reach out and touch it. Breathe it all in. Drink it all in ever so slowly as this is now. Do it now, whatever it is that feels right. If it doesn’t, let it go, but wherever you are, really see it. Vibrant colours, smells, tastes and sounds. All of these combinations of senses that equal our human experience. Heart open and mind clear, feet free and arms reaching up we dive into the beautiful unknown of the present, every moment is purely magic. Allow it to flow through you. It is (103)photo (104)

Have you explored Bocas del Toro? What are your favorite places here?

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