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Pura Vida on the Caribbean Coast

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Hello beautiful Earthlings! As the last three amazing weeks have been spent tucked away in the Costa Rican jungle, living and breathing yoga, learning and growing, I have not had even a blink to come on and write here! So here it is!!! How wonderful it feels to be back in the tropics, sun on the skin and freedom abound. There is nothing quite like waking up to howler monkeys and laying in sivasana (corpse pose) in the hot sun as the Caribbean laps at your toes. And of course sloths! I want to thank everyone at Frog Lotus Yoga and all of my fellow yogis for making the entire 3 weeks so special, truly blessed we are.DSCN2884

Morning pilgrimage

Morning pilgrimage

The Goddess Tree

The Goddess Tree

Gourmet digs, our chef was amazing.

Gourmet digs, our chef was amazing.

Wonderful band at our celebration!

Wonderful band at our celebration!

DSCN2988Currently we are stationed in Puerto Viejo, a cute little rasta surf town on the Caribbean coast, full of reggae bars, friendly people and a laid back atmosphere. Just what the doctor orders, always. Hotel Puerto Viejo, our current home, made us feel comfortable right away on arrival, happy and helpful staff, tons of lounging space full of travelers and a good size communal kitchen perfect for cooking rice and beans with lots of cayenne. 🙂 Amidst palms and cute pathways sit little cabinas, a little paradise hidden from the street. My eyes may grow heavy but reggae beats and the cool vibe of the town and hostel itself draw you away from your bunk. Gallo pinto and beach yoga por favor!The hotel also features book trades, a pool table! Always a plus. Beer whenever and coffee in the morning, there is something here to suit all tastes.DSCN3044DSCN3046 DSCN3053The owner was so kind to let me teach a yoga class in an open area, where I hope to offer more classes throughout the duration of our stay! The other night I caved, I knew it would happen eventually, and had my head braided, a 4 hour mission, where my lovely hair-doer Nelson taught me some Spanish and battled through my rat’s nest of unkempt dreads. Reggae bars, patacones and batidos en agua (fruit smoothies), Puerto Viejo has ‘Pura Vida’ written all over it, a community vibe, non-exclusively for lovers of chocolate, relaxation and the beach.

Hope you enjoyed this update! Have you visited the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica? Any favorite places?

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