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A Checklist for Wandering Earthlings


As I take the next few days to prepare for jetting off to Central America (blah so exciiteeedddd!), both physically and mentally, my mind is flooded with words and images, many ideas and reminders that I feel are precious tools in the art of keeping it real. Whenever embarking on a new chapter, I feel it’s good to not only have a packing list but a checklist of the mind, taking everyday reflections to a new level and putting them out where you can see them, like mantras. Enjoy and let me know what you think!

1. Keep your eyes open.

Literally and figuratively. Really strive to see all these new things your overstimulated mind is trying to process. Pinch yourself if you have to, wake yourself up and be where you are. Something so simple as sitting on the couch watching a movie with my brother reminds me to be conscious of every movement, every moment, and really smell the roses.DSCN2345 2. Just do it.

Been wanting to swim with sharks or do a 5 day hike? Whatever it is, if you want to, then buckle down and do it. Throw lame excuses out the window and resist saying you’ll do it next time. The time is here and now, and who knows when that next opportunity will ever be.167467_10151359205415960_276844231_n 3. Travel light.

Well, as light as humanly possible. This is just as practical as it is helpful in keeping it real. It’s a pain in the ass to travel with a bunch of junk (or clothes) that will ultimately weigh you down. Chances are you won’t remember what you wore on that safari. The beauty of travelling as light as possible is realizing how little we truly need, and not letting those “things” we hold onto so dearly burden us.P1100190 4. Don’t waste time.

Relax of course, but spend your time well. That doesn’t mean rush around like a crazy chicken but fill moments with beauty. Be appreciative that you are so fortunate to be where you are and doing what you’re doing and keep productive. Make every second count, they all make up your life.404198_10152207206075463_1104734942_n 5.Write it down.

Even if you’re not a journaler, try to keep some kind of record of events. It’s always so amazing to back at photos and videos of what now seem like distant dreams, and oh -so-sweet to read about an instance your mind stored way in the back. Journaling is like taking the string of moments we experience as life and bottling them up to use later to further our growth. The ultimate souvenirs.writing 6. Don’t lose sight of your dreams.

Through all of your new adventures, stay true to yourself and keep learning. Stay focused on your goals as the world helps you towards them. You actively participate to make your dreams reality, so keep it up.DSCN1909 7. Give back.

You are just as much a part of the worldly experience we all share as anyone else, so whether you’re volunteering on a farm, working in a shop or simply smiling at people as you pass by, make sure to keep the cycle going and reciprocate the blessings we receive.lao10

I hope you enjoy! Anything you would throw on a mental checklist, perhaps a mantra or affirmation that helps you from moment to moment?

Author: ohmbass

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6 thoughts on “A Checklist for Wandering Earthlings

  1. We need to remind ourselves everyday and in every moment to be present, mindful, and greatful for our blessing! Wonderfully said…:) Namaste

  2. Such great advice and perfect for me to read since I am currently planning my travels for next year. Hope you have an amazing time in Sth America – I look forward to reading all about your adventures xx

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