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Tending the Inner Fire


Some thoughts I spewed out onto paper whilst taking some time to myself, about taking that all important time to keep yourself grounded, uplifted and your mind clear. I hope you enjoy!

Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time and nurturing care. Too often we allow a part of us to be neglected or abused, leading us down a clouded path. We can still see the trail but something has changed. The light no longer shines as brightly on the pathway. We must clear the fog. Centre yourself, keep the cloud away so that all remains illuminated, clear, able to reflect. We must also remember that in order to give we must also learn to receive. Energies don’t just start and stop abruptly, they flow, they travel the path of least resistance. Do not resist. Let yourself be open to the influx of energy we are surrounded by and infused with. Allow it to move through you like a current creating sparks, propelling you upward and forward, an explosion of creativity and light overflowing with potential. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself the chance to rejuvenate, replenish, restore. Keep the wheels spinning. Go for a walk. Breathe in. Breathe out. Read a book. Make a drink. Stretch. Run. Whatever you need at this moment in time, do it. For yourself and everyone else who will benefit. See the sun and hear the birds, the bustle of cars and people. Breathe it all in, slowly, consciously, acknowledge every sacred second.DSCN1835

I hope you find what you need today to be in the nourishing space within that keeps us revitalized and our fire fueled.


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Author: ohmbass

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley

2 thoughts on “Tending the Inner Fire

  1. Girl, all I know is that you light my fire. Great read!! Very inspiring and relatable!!!

    -Love your biggest fan and Pygmy Soul Sister

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