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The Path More Balanced: 8 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road


While constantly on the move, it can be challenging to establish any sort of routine and find balance while it seems that long bus rides, decadent midnight rotis and conveniently priced beer is being thrown in your face. These are tips I use to stay healthy and vibrant while travelling. Soak up every beautiful experience while still maintaining the sustaining centered energy that keeps us going! Note: these don’t apply only to travel!

1. Practice yoga

Ok, ok, biased first tip yes, but I stand behind it nonetheless. What better way to stay grounded while constantly in transit? Allowing yourself the time every day to nourish your body and mind and maintain the clarity to really be in the present, wherever you find yourself waking up in the morning. Your body will thank you. P1100062

2. Pack snacks

Grocery store or food-cart, there are usually some sort of healthful snack items to be found that can come in really handy when you never know where your next source of fuel will come from. Prepare for the unexpected by stashing trail mix or fresh fruits in your bag. If you stay at a place with a kitchen, pack a lunch, it will also save you some money! While in Thailand, my go to snack was peanuts mixed in yogurt from 7-11. Nourishing and cheap, it’s all about improvising! untitled

3. Swim Make the ocean your playground!

Not only is swimming just fun, it is so good for you, utilizing all your powerful muscles for a rounded and meditative workout. If you’re not near a warm body of water, look into accommodations with a pool! DSCN1755

4. Chill out on the Chang.

This doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice that cold beer on the beach, but simply cutting down will not only make you feel better, it will significantly make your change purse heavier. Savour every sip and treat each drink as a luxury instead of pounding buckets like they’re going out of style. P1070505

5. Walk, or bike!

Your own two feet make the perfect vehicle for sightseeing, get your heart pumping and save you money on taxis! For longer trips, ride a bike! You will feel more connected, more immersed in the culture, and biking is just straight up fun! Green energy!DSCN1586

6. Make healthy choices

Just because you’re on a trip doesn’t necessarily mean you should throw your usual habits out the window. Savour your experience in every delicious bite, but if your diet wasn’t heavy on the deep fried before, you should probably keep it that way. On the other end, if you should be eating more fresh foods and less junk, bask in what your destination has to offer for amazing whole foods!DSCN1513

7. Stay hydrated

This might seem like a given, but between flights, transit times and day tours it can be easy to forget, drink water! You’ll look and feel better by supplying your cells with the much needed liquid of life. Particularly important to remember in warmer climates, but necessary everywhere. If you find dehydration has snuck up on you, pick up some electrolyte tablets from a drugstore or pharmacy, or keep some in a first aid kit for quick access.water

8. Be creative!

When it comes down to it, all the things that make travel amazing, the new and unexpected, can be the resources we need to help you stay energized, centered and healthy. Take advantage of the towering mountains by hiking to their peaks, indulge in the nutrient rich fresh fruits found in many destinations, give yourself the gift of beach yoga or seek out a hotel gym.DSCN2414

By keeping ourselves active and healthy we can not only do more but do it better! I hope you find balance, health and happiness no matter where you are! Peace and love!

What do you do to stay active and healthy on the road?

Author: ohmbass

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6 thoughts on “The Path More Balanced: 8 Ways to Stay Healthy on the Road

  1. Yes 7, and 8 especially. Great post and advice! And also love the picture in 5, looks just like the irish coast, makes me long to see it again, although I’m not sure where that really is haha 🙂

  2. Thank you! I’m glad you like it! 🙂 It’s on Vancouver Island in Canada!! I have never been to Ireland but I’ll have to go sometime for sure !! 🙂

  3. Good tips! I try to stay fit and healthy while traveling too. Swimming can be so great for burning calories… having the right snacks is a big one for me too.

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