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Flashback to Thailand: Koh Tao Round 2: An Island Paradise


Because the first time I spent on this island was so magical, I just had to come back here before eventually heading back to Bangkok and getting on that dreaded flight away from Southeast Asia. From Surat-thani we took the overnight sleeper boat to Koh Tao, a big open space full of foam mats and weary travelers, excited to arrive in a land of beautiful beaches and spectacular diving.P1070585 Previously I had stayed at Big Blue Dive Resort, where I completed my Open Water and Advanced courses, and then one night at Spicy Tao, where we would take up residence this time. Nestled in the forest amongst palms and soothing sounds at night, the rustic accomodations are really all you need if you plan to spend all your time at the beach anyway, just make sure you have ample repellent at night. My dorm just so happened to feature a nice family of geckos living on the wall too! As I was still recovering from some kind of nasty bug that destroyed me in Cambodia, there would unfortunately for me be no diving done this time. At least snorkelling doesn’t require clear sinuses! Whether we were on the popular Sairee Beach or the amazing Koh Nang Yuan, our days were spent swimming with the fish until sunset enjoying our favorite restaurants like Su Chili and Blue Wind, and hanging with new friends where of course some shenanigans at the hostel turned into dancing and fire-jumping back at the beach. P1070593Now let’s talk about Koh Nang Yuan, a protected little island just off of Koh Tao. This sandy slice of heaven is straight out of an ‘Islands’ magazine. Although pricier to stay on, a day trip to this paradise can be arranged for very few baht, and makes for a memorable day above the surface. There are plenty of masks and snorkels to rent and buy if you don’t have your own, and it’s hard to get bored of huge rainbows of cute fish in warm crystal blue water. Sounds nice right? My one recommendation: pack snacks to bring with you as food is pricy on the island, and remember not to bring any plastic water bottles as they’re banned from the park.P1070597 P1070598P1070602P1070606P1070611For our last beautiful night on my favorite little island we ‘splurged’ and got a bungalow on the beach with our own little patio, right on the main boardwalk-like little strip. One last night of swimming into the sunset, dancing barefoot through the sand and truly enjoying paradise. See you soon Koh Tao!

What place do you think of as ‘paradise’? Let me know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Flashback to Thailand: Koh Tao Round 2: An Island Paradise

  1. this looks and sounds incredible! Only serving to ignite the spark of need inside me to go travelling into a full blaze!

  2. Great post, looks like a divinely beautiful place! Throwing it on the good ol’ bucket list 🙂

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