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The Ultimate Gifts

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Firstly, Happy Holidays! For whatever you celebrate, there is always a reason to do so! 🙂 Today I made a personal accomplishment; touching my nose to the ground in Upavistha Konasana (wide angle seated forward bend). Though truthfully, this liberating physical asana is only a wonderful byproduct of efforts. Truly received are space-clearing insights, eye opening teachings and oneness, a clarity incomparable to the appearance of any posture. Almost indescribable are these fruits. Through union we can remove obstacles, and when removed the path becomes clear. Nose to ground or not, trust in the power of your self. By giving in to the practice and persisting with positivity (a mantra I like to recall daily) we can receive the greatest gifts of all. Stillness of mind, clarity, a seed of inspiration and light planted deep within the flesh of our beings. that allows us to continue on the journey, unheeded by cloud and darkness. Of matter and of light, both come together; a union; this is yoga.

Acknowledge your challenges, face them strongly, a peaceful warrior, and let them go, for there is always a greater purpose. There is no need to hold onto anything. Light overcomes darkness, but not darkness over light. Know that we are provided with what we need to grow, extend up to the stars. Accept that we are all still human and be gentle with yourself as you travel the path. Only you can set yourself free, a being of light, a star amongst the infinity of space.P1070348

Hope you’re having an amazing holiday!


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Author: ohmbass

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  1. Atta girl 😉

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