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Just some liberating thoughts I thought I would share on this lovely winter’s day on the topic of ‘surrender’.  Not to be seen in a negative light, as it commonly is, associated with giving up and negatively seen failures, but a liberating act of selfless service to a greater cause. In dance, we surrender to music, to each beat, letting it flow through us to create beautiful and ever changing results, no movement better than the other, only different, harmoniously creating a piece of art.

By surrendering we are not giving up, we are allowing ourselves to be open to the great powers of the universe and divine light within us all, not swimming into a rough current but flowing with it, having faith in where we will go with it and letting it guide us, Free from judgement, we are open to portals of energy transfer, ready to give and receive freely.

In yoga, we surrender to the asanas and learn from them. As we put fire into the physical execution of the poses, we may feel one area is tighter than another. We acknowledge, and then must let it go. Eventually, this spot frees up and allows us to move onto an even deeper posture, a new level of understanding, where we fit perfectly into the present.

Freedom to flow like a river over rocks and sticks, through valleys and forests and to be finally magnificently plunged out into the open ocean, this is surrender.

Sand crab


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Author: ohmbass

One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain. -Bob Marley

2 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. That’s beautiful Jess!!
    Peace, Love, & Light


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