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Flashback to Thailand: Finding Solace in Krabi

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Returning to Thailand after almost a month in the Kingdom of Cambodia, we spent a long two nights sleeping on technicoloured buses, from Siem Reap to Bangkok and Bangkok to Krabi. The goal was to find a quiet and relaxing private bungalow where we could straight up zen out, away from hostels and partying, simply soaking it all in. Our prayers were answered as the two of us were whisked away in a songthaew to Pine Bungalows, located outside of Krabi town. We whizzed down the highway passing towering rocky cliffs covered in lush vegetation and dense palm forests that are characteristic of the coast. P1070553P1070563We paid a mere 500 Baht a night (250 baht each). Simple and exactly what we were looking for, right on Klong Moung Beach. The grounds were well maintained and pretty, with a badminton net, basketball court restaurant and hammocks strung from palm trees on a private beach. The staff were friendly ad helpful and our neighbours quiet but smiley, clearly looking for the same tranquil escape. Each morning I could practice yoga on our little porch, followed by a swim in the beautiful waters of the Andaman Sea.P1070513 P1070517P1070526P1070527The only way to really leave was by moped, taxi, or by boat to another beach, so when we grew tired of badminton, swimming or basketball on the resort’s court, we rented a bike and ripped into Krabi town, where we strolled through a market, walked the riverside and browsed a grocery store. (Grocery stores are a bit of a luxury when you eat out at every meal!) The hotels and restaurants up the road were definitely geared toward the more luxurious traveller and families, so we mainly stuck to a diet of rice and canned beans, but did treat ourselves one night to a nice dinner at a busy restaurant with great mood lighting.P1070556 P1070555P1070575 My favorite part of our stay at Pine Bungalows? The stunning sunsets over the ocean, swimming for hours and gazing out as it descends for the night, floating serenely in the dreamy pinks and blues of the late day’s light, peacefully and happily. Freedom of action, freedom of thought, and so much beauty.

Yes, this is a real photo!

Yes, this is a real photo!

The perfect way to spend a few days before going back to the beloved little island of Koh Tao!

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