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Seaside Serenity: A tour of St. Martins, Canada


On the beautiful scenic shores of the Bay of Fundy in Eastern Canada sits St. Martin’s, New Brunswick, a peaceful little town where ships were once built, lobster are caught, and I once lived above my grandparents’ gift shop as a wee one. This picturesque maritime village is quite a popular spot, mainly in the summer, famous for it’s caves and being a starting point for the lovely Bay of Fundy Trail. Just make sure that you don’t stay in the caves too long or venture into one when the tide is on it’s way in, as you might find yourself trapped, as St. Martins is home to the highest tides in the world (and they come in fast!) You would quickly find this out on any trip here, I’ve even owned many shirts displaying the fact. P1110286P1110294P1110303P1110320Truly a natural beauty of a place, St. Martin’s is filled with attractive old homes, more lobster traps and cute fishing boats than you can snap a photo of, serene beaches and amazing lighthouse lookouts where you can revel in the wonder as the wind blows through your hair and the sea grass all around.P1060479P1110329 DSCN2737The main road (appropriately called main street) is perfect for seeing the town and goes all the way down to the caves, where you can also grab some clam chowder for lunch, or on the way get some ice cream at a newly opened parlour. You will undoubtedly pass through a covered bridge at some point, which are indeed an attraction in New Brunswick, so a couple photos are worthwhile, or maybe even a painting from a local artist.

Caught two (bridges) in one

Caught two (bridges) in one

P1060505P1060517P1060523As one of the last remaining parts of unspoiled coastline of the East, artists, birdwatchers, hikers and nature lovers alike can take advantage of the natural beauty just waiting to be seen. A super cool spot to check out is the town’s cemetery, where shipbuilding ancestors’ gravestones still stand proudly in the salt whipped air. The town is also full of unique seaside inns and bed and breakfasts, perfect for a summer vacation of relaxing on the beach, hiking, exploring and eating lobster. P1060564P1060557P1060493

Who wouldn't want to stay at the Captain's House?

Who wouldn’t want to stay at the Captain’s House?

P1060459Whatever your heart desires, St. Martins is a great place for it!

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4 thoughts on “Seaside Serenity: A tour of St. Martins, Canada

  1. Love it Jess! Makes me feel like I’m at home…wish you you all were here!! 😉 love you mom

  2. Nice one Jessie. Loving the east coast again. 🙂

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