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Cross Canada Tour Part 4: Quebec City

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A pretty quick drive from Montreal, our next destination was Quebec City, where we stayed at L’hotel Marie Rollet right in Old Quebec. Such a beautiful old building and room, it felt like a trip into the past to have such lovely classic accomodations. DSCN2601DSCN2620DSCN2622Waking to a sunny but chilly early fall day, we explored the old city by foot, gushing at the sight of the awesome buildings and Christmas town feel of the French city. A rather touristy area, and for good reason. Cobblestone streets, aesthetic hotels, the magnificent Basilique-Cathedrale and inviting old world charm, this place is a feast for the eyes.

Breakfast on our cute rooftop patio!

Breakfast on our cute rooftop patio!

DSCN2629DSCN2647DSCN2636DSCN2660DSCN2662DSCN2667In a matter of hours I fell in love with Quebec city, and felt at home walking through art filled alleys and practicing my French. DSCN2666DSCN2674DSCN2664Reluctant to leave this jewel, we departed for one of our final destinations, where the end of the road was marked with the smiling faces of my loving family and nostalgia of babyhood in the homeland, New Brunswick.

Have you travelled to the province of Quebec? What are your favorite aspects of this Canadian culture?

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