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Cross Canada Tour Part 2: Natural Wonders


Continuing on the Trans Canada Highway we left Dryden and headed deeper into the vastness of Ontario, passing sporadically placed towns and countless still-water lakes. Driving through what seemed like endless forest we made our way toward Sault Ste. Marie, our goal destination for the day. We thought we would make it a lot farther than we did, but no, Ontario is giant, and we may have left a little later than planned. Around nightfall we came upon a town we knew we wouldn’t be staying in, Marathon. Back in 96′ when we drove across Canada going west, this had been the one town Mom refused to spend the night in, repelled by strange vibes. We joked nervously as we rolled into the gas station just outside town. Just using the empty washrooms was creepy enough, and then the sudden quiet as the clerk locked up and ripped home right after we filled up.P1100037 We drove into the ghost town and right back out, choosing an unknown overnight location over the little village. A little further down the road we stopped in White River, the original home of Winnie the Pooh, for a good night’s motel sleep. The next day we planned to get to Niagara Falls, another ambitious goal. After hours of snaking along the province’s winding roads we finally saw it; the magnificent blue peeking through the trees and then gleaming brilliantly in the distance, Lake Superior.P1100008 P1100020P1100001It pulled us like a sparkling magnet right into Old Woman Bay, once a port for aboriginal canoers who braved the waves of the massive lake in their handmade boats. The wind was cold but the sun was warm so we soothed our road weary bodies with a much needed yoga break.P1100043 P1100046P1100049Shortly after, we stopped at the Lake Superior Visitor Centre, a fun little nature house that offered tons of history of the lake and information of the beautiful flora and fauna.P1100119 P1100120P1100118Since by the time we finished here it was getting late, we just drove right into the campsite right on the shores of the lake, busted out the camp stove and hung out at the beach. There were tons of other campers, all enjoying the late summer sunsets and crisp air. It was freezing! P1100154P1100190P1100204P1100202P1100226Leaving in the cool hours at the crack of dawn, we drove all the way to Niagara Falls this day. Our only real stop was at Canadian Carver, a cool store with tons of Huron handicrafts, leather goods and of course, carvings.P1100229 Upon arrival to Niagara Falls we checked into our hotel (with pool, woo!) and went for a little walk around the town. From the top of the hill we could just see a glimpse of the monstrous falls, hidden by the night. It wasn’t until morning that we got to view this natural wonder in all it’s glory. From such a distance you feel the refreshing mist on your face, as it turns into a full on shower as you approach the gigantic cascades. The little maid of the mist disappeared quietly into it’s mystery as we looked over the edge. Such an amazing and beautiful sight, the raw power of nature in front of your eyes, there is a reason this is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the (85) photo (86)photo (87)photo (88)Although the town is a little funny with it’s casinos, buffets and very touristy establishments like Margaritaville, the falls natural splendour remains (83) photo (84)We said goodbye to the falls and strange little Las Vegas town and headed toward new adventures and one of our trip’s major highlights, Montreal!

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  1. Nice Jess! Thanks for the recap and great write-up!!

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