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Blissin’ in Nakusp BC

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Hidden amongst the beautiful mountains of the Kootenays lies the little town of Nakusp, where hiking, swimming and the pure enjoyment of nature is sought after by locals and tourists. Frequented by many tourists in the summer, there are a few cute cafes, restaurants and shops to visit when you’re not hanging out at the lake. This part of the Upper Arrow lakes is by far one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever set eyes on. It sits before you with an almost supernatural presence, with beams of light shining down on the colliding mountains surrounding and heating the pure waters and white sands of the large beach.DSCN2295DSCN23091186766_381930435265808_1136190766_n

From one end of town you can walk the lakeside trail all the way down to the beach, where it continues and circles the town.DSCN2350 A favorite hike of many, Vicky’s View offers exactly what you would hope. Amazing views of the town, the lake and mountains from a perch high up on the Kuskanax Mountain Trail.

We decided to check out the Cedar Grove Old Growth trail, accessible by a rough logging road. The trail itself is only about 20 minutes to circle, but so worth it to prance on a spongy mulch path surrounded by 400 year old beauties. I had never walked on Earth so soft!1185236_382330205225831_400324433_n


Always a treat are the Nakusp Hot Springs, where mineral waters rejuvenate your body and mind as you soak. Afterwards we took the brand new bridge across the Kuskanax Creek to walk up to the source of the natural spring, and have more fun in a fairy paradise!DSCN2319DSCN2320DSCN2324

If you visit Nakusp, prepare to breathe the best air, pick up amazing pickles at the farmer’s market, indulge in fine chocolate from Jennifer Chocolates, revel in the beauty of the lake and find serenity within the magic mountains!1002176_382328731892645_56863399_n

Peace and love!

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