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Full moon magic

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Hola! Although all phases of the moon are beautiful, the sight of our astral neighbour tonight and tomorrow will be especially spectacular, coined a ‘supermoon’ because of it’s proximity to the earth and relative brightness. During a full moon, we are in the middle on an invisible line between the moon and the sun. The closest side to us is almost fully illuminated by the sun and therefore appears to be ‘full’, although the other side is completely dark. During full moons, tides are higher, and with the moon even closer these couple days, respectively even higher. It will be ‘full’ at approximately 6:30 am on June 23rd, 2013.

Whether or not you physically feel the effects of the cycles of the moon on our earthly bodies, it is a beautiful time to take in the beauty of mother moon and tune in to the natural rythyms of the universe. Hope the clouds clear! Dance with the cosmos and embrace the energy surrounding and within us!


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