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Rise and shine: Mock ‘Eggs Florentine’

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I can’t have oatmeal everyday. (Well, I could, but where’s the fun in that?Complementing my recent post on ethical eggs, this version of ‘Eggs Benny’ (also using collard greens, not spinach) was thought up when I really wanted some hollandaise sauce, but not having the ingredients, decided towards a compromise. Different for sure, but a tangy alternative if you also don’t have the means to make the old school creamy kind, or just want a healthy change. Start the day with a delicious dish of energizing greens and protein!photo (42) *You can use regular eggs, but in this case I used about 4 egg whites!

The Bulk of it:

4 eggs whites or two eggs

4 big collard green leaves

Multi grain bread or bread of your choice (in this case I had used chia seed fruit and nut bread from cobs)

The Sauce:

3 Tbsp plain yogurt (don’t use fat free if you want it to be creamier)

1 tsp yellow mustard

1.5 tsp old fashioned Dijon mustard

1/4 tsp black pepper

1/4 tsp vinegar

pinch of sea salt

Combine ingredients for sauce, stir well and set aside, allowing it to settle and flavours to mingle. Cook collard greens in a little bit of water to blanch them and set aside as well. Cook eggs as desired (I scrambled mine) and toast bread. Place greens on top of bread, eggs on top of greens and pour sauce on all of it! I also put a layer of marmite on my bread before the greens, but in the case you don’t have this, I’d recommend a layer of the Dijon mustard! Enjoy with your choice of  hot sauce for some kick!

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